Find Your Music


A mysterious song named “Untitled” with no melody or lyrics is passed around amongst the youth in Shibuya, Tokyo.
This song unlocks access to “SEKAI”, a mysterious place that allows everyone to discover their true emotions and their own song.


Hatsune Miku and her group exist as Virtual Singers in the real world helping boys and girls find their “true feelings”.
The Mikus found in each Sekai are somehow different.
Meet them all and hear their thoughts.

A unit of four childhood friends,
who became estranged after various circumstances.
The distance shifts between the four.

A girl who wants to become an idol and three girls who faced the harsh reality of being an idol.
Will the optimism overcome the obstacles?
Will they reach this dream together?

Three young talented musicians from different backgrounds and a meek girl.
Their ultimate goal is to surpass the “Legend”.
Watch them as they rise to the top of the concrete jungle!

At a popular theme park, a stage stands deserted.
These members come together as one for the revival of the stage.
Can they bring back the cheer and laughter to the stage?

Unaware of what each other looks like or their own names, a circle of friends meet online using the chat tool “Nightcord” to make songs together.


Select your own unit members and play through “Live Show” with 5 difficulties to choose from!
Tap, hold, and flick your way to the end to reach the highest score; earn XP and various items to level up your characters and unlock outfits.
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